Matrix Systems:

Sectional Contoured Metal Matrices and Accessories

Saddle Metal Matrices

Saddle Contoured Metal Matrices

Metal Contoured Matrices

Perforated Metal Matrices

Metal Contoured Matrices Combined with Clamp

"Pony" Contoured Metal Matrices

Metal Matrix Bands

"Elastic" Fixing Wedges

Fixing Wooden Wedges

Fixing Transparent Wedges

Fixing Plastic Wedges

Transparent Contoured Matrix Bands

Self-Adhesive Transparent Contoured Matrix Bands

Transparent Contoured Matrix Bands Combined with Clamp

Transparent Cervical Matrix Bands

Sectional Contoured Transparent Matrices

Transparent Strips

Add-On Silicone Wedges

Transparent Crowns

Composite Finishing & Polishing:

Stem Polishing Discs

Polishing Discs


Finishing & Polishing Strips

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