Dear customer,
In order to prevent the distribution of counterfeit TOR VM products we place the unique 13-digit authenticity code on each box with the most frequently faked products.
The catalogue numbers of these products are:

polishing discs & strips
1.020, 1.021, 1.055, 1.069, 1.070, 1.071, 1.072, 1.075, 1.600, 1.610, 1.620, 1.630;

matrices & wedges
1.083, 1.085, 1.198, 1.298, 1.310, 1.320, 1.330, 1.358, 1.398.

All mentioned items manufactured after May 2019 contain label with authenticity code. By entering this code in the form below you can find out whether you have purchased the original TOR VM product or not.

1) Wipe off the protective layer on the back label and get 13-digit authenticity code:

2) Enter the code in the authenticity check form and click the "Check" button:

Information about the date of production is indicated on the back label of the package, near the sign in format YYYY.MM: