Attention! Fake authenticity labels!

How to differ original and fake products.
5-step guide

A lot of fake products are distributed through via numerous e-shops. Please pay your attention to below brief guide to avoid purchasing fake products.


Step 1
Check the correct typing of company trade mark and logo


Step 2
Check the correct typing of company name

Please pay attention to correct writing of company name. Boxes can be with labels in Russian or in English.
Both can be original.
A lot of fake products are distributed under the name ТОР РМ. Boxes with company name TOP PM are not original.


Step 3
Check the lot number on back label of the box

Each original box contains both front and back labels. Back label contains the lot number (if produced before March 2019) or lot number together with barcode (if produced after March 2019). Boxes without lot number or barcode are counterfeit.

Back label before March 2019
Back label since March 2019
Fake back label


Step 4
Check the authenticity code

Lot number and authenticity code is not the same. Authenticity code is unique number which consists of 13 digits. Authenticity code is not seen on the box as it is covered as prize in scratch-off lottery ticket.


Protective layer should be removed







Option is valid for the products under the following catalogue numbers marked with labels on English: 1.398, 1.198, 1.298, 1.310, 1.330, 1.071, 1.070, 1.069, 1.072, 1.075, 1.083, 1.085, 1.610, 1.620, 1.630, 1.600, 1.020, 1.021, 1.055, 1.320, 1.358.


Step 5
If you have difficulties with identification please make photo of the box from both front and back sides and send us for identification:

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.