New Items:

Bow anterior matrices

Three shapes № 1.951, № 1.952 and № 1.953

Pediatric anterior strips. Crown forms

Crowns are available in two sizes - medium (size 2) & large (size 3). Each crown has a holder which makes it more convenient to work with. Tooth number and size are indicated on the crown holder. Due to the new holder attachment system thickness of the crowns in the gingival area is very thin.

New clamps

"Tiger" clamps with retentive ripples (1T, 2T, 2AT, 9T), clamps for anteriors (9M, OC)

Self-adapting fixing wedges

Self-adapting fixing wedges provide predictable, tight contact points and restorations that closely mimic the natural anatomy of the tooth

Polishing discs. GOLD OCHER series

Saddle matrices. Shape 4

Matrices of shape 4 are characterized by shorter edge tubes. Matrices can be used for restoration of low crowns. Shorter edge tubes provide more freedom of movement of matrix in the contact point area without touching the gum.

Lug titanium matrices

Lug titanium matrices are characterized by higher lasting quality. They are more convenient in work due to low glare effect. Matrices are 0.030 mm thick

Interproximal Gauges

Interproximal gauges are used to determine the width of the interdental space in the area of the contact points of the teeth in order to optimize the selection of the thickness of the cofferdam, as well as to control the proximal grinding of the teeth.

Arc Interproximal System

Arc interproximal system is intended for removing excess of filling material from interproximal areas and tooth separation upon veneer fixation.




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